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Please sign up to be a volunteer by clicking the link above.  You can select from a variety of positions relating to the competition, traffic and guest flow, and course decor.  There is something for everyone!

Volunteers will be given a voucher that can be used for schooling the Tuesday after the Old Tavern HT from 8AM-1PM.

Be a Super Supporter and Be Rewarded!

There are now three recognized horse trials at Great Meadow in The Plains, Virginia:

Sign up to volunteer at all three and be eligible to receive special prizes and vouchers.  These super prizes are in addition to the prizes you will receive for volunteering at each individual event, such as a tee shirt and schooling pass.

Volunteer Testimonials:

"I volunteered at all three events and was happy to be of service.  Volunteers are treated very, very well. :)" - Cindi Moravec.

"Volunteering at Great Meadow events is fun -  the management values your time and effort to help them, the volunteer gifts are quite useful and appreciated, and you get to meet super great people !!!  We look forward to volunteering each year for all 3 events - Middleburg, Great Meadow International and Old Tavern Horse Trials." -Suzi Gehris. 

“I look forward to participating again this year. Simply let me know when to show up.” - Jim Newman (2020 Volunteer of the Year).  

If you need to reach the Volunteer Coordinator Lindsay Colley Swan, you can email or call 540-967-8099.

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