While MARSGMI traditionally has been a robust spectator-friendly venue, social distancing protocol will have this event looking just a bit different this year.  Although we are unable to host the VIP tent or general admission as we have in the past, we are still able to offer a unique and safe sponsor experience.

Please review the packages that are available as well as the COVID-19 protocol.  Due to the change in set up, we are limited as to the number of sponsor tailgate spaces that we are able to provide, so please make your reservations as soon as possible.

Please also note that the USEF Action Plan allows only Participants, such as owners, lessees, riders, athletes, parents, trainers, coaches, grooms; Service Providers, such as vendors, caterers, feed suppliers, photographers, videographers, media, cleaning service providers; and Support Personnel, such as veterinarians, farriers, equine therapists, and braiders, etc. on the Competition Grounds.

As such, the general public, spectators, and non-essential personnel will not be allowed on the competition grounds.

A sponsor can be present on competition grounds by providing direct services contracted by the competition organizer.  As a result, only advance purchases will constitute a contract for direct financial services for the event and may be subject to further follow up to confirm that the purchaser is affiliated with the event, as defined in the USEF Action Plan.  Click here to review the USEF Action Plan.

In addition, all visitors to the event must sign participant waivers for GMI and for the USEF/USEA.  Click the link below to sign the USEF/USEA Participant Waiver electronically.  The GMI waiver can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf image below. 

Please be sure to review the COVID-19 Update tab for additional information about our requirements.

We will have more information about options for visitors shortly.


Great Meadow International

5089 Old Tavern Rd. 

The Plains, VA





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