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Volunteer Giveaways and Treats at the 2023 MARS EQUESTRIAN™ GMI

Volunteer Giveaways and Treats at 2023MARSGMI

The Plains, VA, August 2023. This year's MARS Equestrian Great Meadow International ("MARSGMI") brings more giveaways and treats for volunteers. You have made suggestions and we have HEARD you!

MARSGMI is a ticketed event but you can watch for free all weekend if you volunteer.

This year, all volunteers will have a Volunteer Headquarters sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim (BI). At the Volunteer HQ, volunteers can pick up their weekend pass, volunteer t-shirts, sandwiches, snacks, and water.

“Here at BI, we recognize the importance of volunteers to any event, and want to make the volunteers who continue to support our eventing community feel special,” said Deborah Mays, of BI Animal Health. “To do that, we thought it would be a great opportunity to provide extra supplies to the Volunteer Headquarters at MARSGMI in order to show our utmost appreciation.”

In addition, MARS Equestrian will provide branded white lunchboxes filled with KIND, Nature’s Bakery, Altoids, and water.

Cross country jump judge volunteers will have branded umbrellas for shade/rain and dedicated coolers to use on course. No more waiting for the snack cart!

Branded Umbrellas and Coolers for Use on Cross Country

There are a variety of volunteer positions to choose from and no experience is necessary. Sign up is easy on the Volunteer Incentive Program App. Keep track of your hours and be eligible for national recognition for your contributions.

“At GMI we are so lucky to have a lot of experienced and dedicated volunteers that come back year after year, and we look forward to making new volunteer friends as well.” Said Volunteer Captain Lindsay Colley Swan. “I can never thank our volunteers enough for their generous contribution to our sport, and we are thrilled to have BI's support in doing so this year. Eventing runs on volunteers, and I look forward to BI's support of the Volunteer Headquarters and hope all of our hard-working helpers enjoy the extra support as well.”

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