Be Part of 2020 GMI As a Tailgate Sponsor

MARSGMI will also be a spectator-friendly venue, but social distancing protocol will have this event looking just a bit different this year.  Because of the this, we are unable to host the VIP tent as we have in the past. HOWEVER, we are still able to offer a unique sponsor experience. We are pleased to offer a variety of sponsor tailgating experiences at a variety of pricepoints.


From the high-end VIP catered tailgate with a tailgate parking spot located right next to your tent to carpasses for your friends, we have something for everyone. 


Please review the packages that are available as well as the COVID-19 protocol.  Due to the change in set up, we are limited on the number of individual tents we are able to provide, so please make your reservations as soon as possible.


Great Meadow International

5089 Old Tavern Rd. 

The Plains, VA




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