FAQs for riders


At this time, we are planning to run this event subject to health and other regulations in effect at the time.  We are in the process of developing protocols to ensure the safety of everyone involved, following FEI, USEF, USEA, and all local and state guidance related to the COVID-19 health crisis. The driving force for all involved will be the health and safety of all competitors, volunteers, and staff.

We intend to follow the best practices put forth by all applicable governing bodies and will institute an all-electronic entry and payment requirement for this event, including online paperless dressage scoring and tests.  As a result, competitors will be required to bring a bridle number. 

Be sure to complete the updated Federation Entry Agreement and USEF Waiver and Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement. These are two (2) separate pages. Both are required for entry. Please also complete the Great Meadow International Waiver.

Entries must be complete before arrival. On-time entries still incomplete one week before the event will be charged $20 per missing item. This includes, signature pages, coggins, muck deposits, horse or rider numbers, etc. Missing Items fees will be enforced. Submit ALL items before event. 

Will there be a waitlist?  


If we receive more than 220 entries, we will start a waitlist.  Paid and complete entries will receive priority and unpaid entries will be placed on the waitlist in the order in which they were received.

Is there a checklist of items that I need to provide?


If any of these items are missing, the entry is considered incomplete and will be placed on the waitlist if one is created.


Will there be a limitation on stalls?


We will attempt to fulfill all stall and tack stall requests, however, we may not be able to fulfill requests received after August 10.  


How can I pay for my muck fees and ice/shavings?


You can pay for ice/shavings via Venmo or CC; If credit card there is a CC fee.  You may also leave a blank check.  If you pay for your muck fee by Venmo, we will make a Venmo reversal if your stalls are mucked.  If you pay for your muck fee by blank check, we will tear up the check if your stalls are mucked.


Where do I park if I am stabling and how do I access the stables?


Each rider gets a carpass for Gate 2 and each horse gets 2 carpasses for Gate 2.   If a rider has 1 horse they get 3 -  one for the rider, one for groom and one for owner; If a rider has 2 horses they get 5 - one for the rider, one for each groom and one for each  owner; If a rider has 3 horses they get 7 - one for the rider, one for each groom and one for each  owner, etc.

  • Competitors park trailers in trailer parking (outside stabling)

  • Competitors park cars on north rail (outside stabling)


Is camping allowed?


There is no camping at Great Meadow.  People may only stay overnight in self contained vehicles in the trailer parking area.  There are no hook ups. Johnny Blue Inc. will be available next Thursday through Sunday (7A-9A), for RV Services at Great Meadow. To schedule service, please send request with at least 24 Hours Notice to:  Info@johnnyblueinc.com. Please include your name & phone number. The driver will call to meet you for payment. $50.00 DUE AT THE TIME OF SERVICE, CASH ONLY. All RV Services will be scheduled after the porta-john services are completed. You will receive a confirmation email when your RV has been scheduled.

Do I need to provide my own bridle and pinny number?

No these items will be in your packet(s), however, replacements will not be available.

Where can I find the most recent schedule?

The schedule is available on the website under the competitor tab. It will be updated as often as is practical.

Where can I get an order of go and results?

There will be an order of go online on the website. Live scoring of individual and teams can be found on http://www.coursewalkapp.com/livescores.

Who is the Veterinarian for the show?

Veterinarian: Virginia Equine Imaging: 540-687-4663 (office)

Dr. Julia Peterson 832-298-1376

Dr. Abigail Atkins 248-798-4962

Who is the Farrier?

Chris Suttle: 540-878-9305

Where is there a Feed and Supplies store?

Tri-County Feed, 7408 John Marshall Hwy, Marshall, VA 20115  Phone: (540) 364-1891

Tractor Supply in Marshall, 4203 Old Stockyard Rd, Marshall, VA 20115  Phone: (540) 364-1583

May I bring a scooter, golf cart or moped?

We will allow scooters, carts and mopeds on the grounds to be driven only on gravel lanes. NEVER ON THE RACE COURSE OR XC COURSE.  These vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas only.  You can reserve a golf cart for your visit by clicking here.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, dogs are permitted for this event.  For the safety of our horses, riders and spectators please keep pets on a leash at all times.

Where can I get more shavings or ice?

Each rider will receive 1 bag of shavings per stall.  Any additional shavings are available in the stabling area for a fee of $8/bag.  Ice is available for purchase in the stabling area for $5 as well as at The Corner Store across the street from the Great Meadow show grounds and the gas stations listed above.

Who should I contact if I have any questions during the week?

You may call. Melinda Moore. 703-328-6173

What are the COVID Protocols in place for this event?

You can view our COVID protocols and information about COVID by viewing the COVID Updates on the website.