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Competitor FAQS

Are there any COVID UPDATES?

Please see our Covid information here.  Entries must be complete before arrival. On-time entries still incomplete one week before the event will be charged $25 per missing item. This includes signature pages, negative coggins, muck deposits, waivers, etc. Missing Items fees will be enforced. Please submit ALL items before the event.  Please have everyone listed on your entry and any support personnel sign this waiver.  Additional information is available here.

​Will there be a waitlist? 

If we receive more than 220 entries, we will start a waitlist.  Paid and complete entries will receive priority and unpaid entries will be placed on the waitlist in the order in which they were received.

Is there a checklist of items that I need to provide?

Original Xentry or Evententries

USEF Waiver (for you and anyone on your entry)

Negative Coggins

If any of these items are missing, the entry is considered incomplete and will be placed on the waitlist if one is created.

Will there be a limitation on stall availability?

We will attempt to fulfill all stall and tack stall requests, however, we may not be able to fulfill requests received after August 8. 

How can I pay for my muck fees and ice/shavings?

You can pay for ice/shavings via Venmo (@GreatMeadow-International-2), Zelle ( or credit card; if by credit card there is a credit card convenience fee.  You may also leave a blank check.  If you pay for your muck fee by Venmo, we will make a Venmo reversal if your stalls are mucked.  If you pay for your muck fee by blank check, we will tear up the check if your stalls are mucked.  See the Venmo QR code below.

What are the biosecurity protocols?


ALL competitors WITH trailers must use Gate 7 and then take immediate right and stop for bio-check.  If you are entering with a trailer throughout the week, you must use Gate 7, otherwise you will use Gate 2. Stabling Competitors park trailers in trailer parking (outside stabling). Competitors park cars on north rail (outside stabling). Ship Ins will follow the road to Meadow Overlook before entering woods.

In accordance with the FEI Veterinary Regulations, on January 1, 2022, all horses competing at all FEI Events worldwide were required to fulfill the Horse Health Requirements via the FEI HorseApp. As of September 1, 2022 sanctions will start being applied in the U.S. as they have been applied in Mainland Europe as of July 4, 2022.

This information has been:

Exiting:  All cars continue on the access road past Meadow Overlook to the right to follow the racecourse and then right at the polo field and left at the polo arena.  Continue around and exit through Gate 2.   Please note there may be oncoming traffic, proceed with caution.

Where do I park if I am stabling and how do I access the stables?

Each each rider receives a car pass for GATE 2/7 (rider/groom) and two general admission passes for the weekend. Each horse receives one general admission pass for the weekend.  The GATE 2/7 passes will allow you and your support personnel into the event but you will be required to park in the stabling area.

Please note that anyone accessing the event will need a pass for GATE 2, GATE 7 (tailgates), or an individual weekend pass to enter the competition grounds.

Please consider supporting the event by purchasing a ticket for VIP or tailgate access.

Please park trailers in trailer parking (outside stabling).  Please park cars on north rail (outside stabling).

What hospitality is offered?

Hilltop Bio is sponsoring a riders' lounge for riders and grooms. Riders will receive wristbands in their packets.

Bemer is sponsoring a tent in stabling (by the wash racks) for Wednesday, 5pm for wine and cheese and a light breakfast with coffee every morning starting at 7:30am.

Please be sure to thank them!

Is camping allowed?

There is no camping at Great Meadow.  People may only stay overnight in self containedself-contained vehicles in the trailer parking area.  There are no hook ups. Johnny Blue Inc. will be available next Thursday through Sunday (7A-9A), for RV Services at Great Meadow. To schedule service, please send request with at least 24 Hours Notice to: Please include your name & phone number. The driver will call to meet you for payment: $50.00 due at the time of service, cash only. All RV Services will be scheduled after the porta-john services are completed. You will receive a confirmation email when your RV has been scheduled.

​Where can I find the most recent schedule?

​The schedule is available on the website under the Home tab. It will be updated as often as is practical.

Where can I get an order of go and results?

There will be an order of go online on the website. Live scoring can be found here.

Where are the exercise areas and what is the practice timetable?


The Polo warm up arena (see plan of site) is open for general exercise, lunging and working in until 7:00 PM every day.  

The Fleming Farm warm up arena will be open to all during lunch breaks, early AM, and at the end of competition each day but will close 30 min before dressage resumes except for those about to compete, please plan accordingly.

The cross country warm up will be open for exercise (not jumping) subject to steward availability.


Please see the schedule for ring familiarization times in the Fleming Arena.  


For jump exercise, the stewards will set the schedule. Times will be posted at barn/secretary office.


During the dressage, the final warm-up ring is available to the next 2 horses only.  The initial warm-up ring is available to the next 3 horses in the order. Bit check will be a visual with an FEI Steward. Pls have a halter handy in case the steward needs to look at a bit. 


For the jumping test, there will be four fences in the final collecting ring. 


How do I contact the Chief Steward?

Travis Page: 334-332-7000

​Who is the Veterinarian for the show?

Davis Equine: 540-998-0627 (cell)

​Who is the Farrier?

Danny Engel: 859-229-9385

Who is the Official Show Photographer?​


Erin Gilmore Photography: 561-603-2411.  Please note that competitor may only purchase photographs from Erin Gilmore Photography.

​Where is there a Feed and Supplies store?

​Tri-County Feed, 7408 John Marshall Hwy, Marshall, VA 20115  Phone: (540) 364-1891

​Tractor Supply in Marshall, 4203 Old Stockyard Rd, Marshall, VA 20115  Phone: (540) 364-1583

​May I bring a scooter, golf cart, electric bike, or moped?

​We will allow scooters, carts and mopeds on the grounds to be driven only on gravel lanes.  VEHICLES ARE NEVER ON THE RACE COURSE OR XC COURSE.  These vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas only.  You can reserve a golf cart for your visit by clicking here. Bicycles can be used on the Fleming Hill part of the XC course

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, dogs are permitted for this event.  For the safety of our horses, riders and spectators please keep pets on a leash at all times.

What accessibility measures are in place?

Please review the Event's procedures regarding accessibility here.

​Where can I get more shavings or ice?

​Each rider will receive 1 bag of shavings per stall.  Any additional shavings are available in the stabling area for a fee of $10/bag.  Ice is available for purchase in the stabling area for $10/bag as well as at several of the gas stations and stores in Marshall. You can purchase extra bedding before the event at $10 bag by contacting the secretary and bags will be placed by your stall.

​Who should I contact if I have any questions during the week?

You may call Melinda Moore: 703-328-6173.  Please be kind; this is an all-volunteer organizing committee.

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