• Located above the VIP tailgates on the shady racecourse side of the main arena. Note that views are partially obstructed by VIP tents when full.
  • Includes a 10 x 10 tent for a party of 6. 
  • You also receive 1 parking pass directly next to your tent and 2 individual parking passes for the overflow parking area.
  • Your seats will be available starting with Thursday morning’s dressage competition.
  • Return on Friday morning for more dressage. 
  • Saturday is a full day of show jumping plus 2* cross country on the racetrack.
  • We end the weekend with the exciting 3* and 4* cross country. 
  • NEW THIS YEAR: catering is available for delivery through The Salamander Market.  More information to follow.
  • Personal tents are prohibited.

Old Tavern Row Tailgate