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GMI Organizing Committee


We are grateful for the hard work and contributions of our dedicated team, for which this event would not be possible.

Co-Organizer     Darrin Mollett

Co-Organizer     David O’Connor

Steven Symansky           

Max Corcoran 

Donna Devadas 

Karen O’Connor

Punkin Lee




Presidents of the Ground Jury

2*-S - Mark Weissbecker Peter Gray

3*-L & 3*-S - Amanda Miller

4*-S - Peter Gray           

Members of the Ground Jury

Sara Leary 

Helen Brettel

Valerie Vizcarrondo

Technical Delegate

Gretchen Butts 

Assistant Technical Delegate/TD 2*

Bobby Stevenson

Cross Country Course Designer

David O’Connor

Show Jump Course Designer

Christopher Barnard

FEI Steward

Dana Diemer    

Assistant FEI Stewards

Kathy Barker

Jeff Legg

Veterinary FEI Delegate

Eric Swinebroad, DVM  

Veterinary Services Manager

Kent Allen, DVM


Competition Staff

Treating Veterinarians

Abigail Velting 540-687-4663

Dr Julia Peterson 832-298-1376



Steve Symansky 



Chris Suttle 540-878-9305


Chief Medical Officer

Robert Rodriguez 703-216-9027 


Course Builders

Tyson Rementer Cross Country Design

Levi Ryckewaert

Jon Wells

Volunteer Show Staff


Dressage Captain: Sarah Dorsey

Show Jump Captains: Max Corcoran 

Cross Country Captain: Dorry Gascon   

Safety Coordinator: Juliet Graham

Tailgate Liaison: Barbara Snapp         

 V I P Liaison: Donna Devadas

Volunteer Hospitality: Lindsay Cooley Swan        

Show and Stabling Office Captain: Melinda Moore

Cross Country Roping: Team O’Connor  

Secretary & Scoring: Steve Symansky 

COVID Coordinator: Barbara Snapp

Volunteer Coordinator: Lindsay Cooley Swan

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