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For those with multiple rides, you must ride your dressage at the published time. You should also try to make your SJ and XC scheduled times but in some cases that will be difficult. But you must finish the jumping phases before the next level starts. Please try to jump your horses in numerical order so that divisions can be placed in a reasonable time frame. If you have any issues with your divison or times contact the secretary. Not everyone gets their first choice because of too many or too few entries in a division. Generally preference is given to those people who entered earlier.

E-sign links for USEF/USEA and Great Meadow Foundation Waivers can be found on main Old Tavern Page. Please email secretary your TIP number  Note: We will not have a food vendor. Remember also to bring your own water as availlable water is a long way from parking. THe good news is that we have had plenty of rain at Great Meadow. 

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