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Note: We have indicated your division, your preference and a sub-division. Most importantly, if we have indicated a rider sub-division and you are not qualified according to USEA, please let us know. In some cases you may have been placed in a sub- division other than your first preference because of numbers who requested that level or multiple rides. Also, because we did not get enough junior riders in most of the levels, the only junior division will be Novice Rider. 

E-sign links for USEF/USEA and Great Meadow Foundation Waivers can be found on main Old Tavern Page. Please email secretary your TIP number if you want to be consdered for TIP awards. We have room for late entries. Note: We will not have a food vendor. Remember also to bring your own water as availlable water is a long way from parking. THe good news is that we have had plenty of rain at Great Meadow.    Entry status as of Sept 28

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