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Nearby Attractions


You may be a visitor from far away.  Or, you may have lived here your entire life.  Regardless, a trip to our region is a journey through hallowed ground, a place where natural beauty, horses and history abound.  The land in the immediate area, especially from Aldie, Middleburg, Upperville and The Plains, offers incredibly beautiful rolling hills and woods.  Consider it all national parkland  …  privately maintained.


Originally, the 5 million acres from the Potomac to the Rappahannock rivers was owned by Thomas, the Sixth Lord of Fairfax.  Fairfax was young George Washington’s first employer commissioning Washington to survey the extremely large domain.  They were both excellent riders, and they foxhunted, often for weeks at a time. Today, 15 organized foxhunts call this land home, more than any area of our nation.  It began with foxhunting, and after 200 years, the foxhunting enthusiasts gave birth to racing and all sport horse activity.  It is no surprise why it is an excellent place for Great Meadow and World-class eventing.  This has been home for the nation’s best horsemen for more than 200 years.


Thankfully, it is largely unchanged and looks much as it did when Fairfax and Washington hunted these hills.  This is no accident.  Great lengths have been taken to preserve the open space so that all may experience the pristine beauty of our land, forever.  The Piedmont Environmental Council, The Virginia Outdoors Foundation, The Journey Through Hallowed Ground, and other conservancy groups are all based here to insure that any change is carefully planned, and the land is protected.


Great Meadow was formed as a platform to promote this protection.  Our mission as a 501(c)(3) is to “preserve open space for equestrian and community service.”  From our hills, you can see thousands upon thousands of undisturbed acres with few, if any, buildings in your field of view.


We strongly encourage you to venture out while you are here.  Drive from point to point on the winding paved and gravel roads.  Take in the valleys, vistas and views.  The websites below will offer you places to visit all along the way.  Hopefully, you will leave with a treasure of memories and respect for our beloved land where American horse sport was born.


For even more suggestions on nearby attractions we highly suggest you take a look at the following websites:



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