Schedule of Events 

Updated August 22

Tuesday, August 18

Stabling open by appointment.

3- 4PM Ring Familiarization (Wednesday horses only)

3-4:30 In Barn Exams


Wednesday, August 19

10AM Stables Open

10-3PM In Barn Exams, Stabling

10 - 1:30PM Dressage Ring Familiarization (All horses)

1:40 2*-S Test Ride

2PM 2*-S Dressage beings

3PM All Cross Country Courses Open

3:30PM 3*-L 1st Horse Inspection

4:30 - 6PM Dressage Ring Familiarization (Thursday horses only)


Thursday, August 20

7AM-11AM In Barn Exams, Stabling

7:40 AM 3*-L , 4*-S Test Rides

8AM 3*-L, 4*-S  Dressage begins 

10:15AM 2*-S Dressage resumes

12PM Preliminary Dressage begins

3PM-5PM In Barn Exams, Stabling

6:05PM (or after 2* Dressage ends) - Ring Familiarization 1 ½ hours (Friday horses only)  

6PM Rider Briefing with 3L/ 2S with Ground Jury and TD (Stables)


Friday, August 21

In Barn Exams By Appointment

7AM Start 3*-L Cross Country

8AM Start 2*-S Cross Country

10:30AM Start Prelim Cross Country

9:30AM 4*S Dressage, 3*S Dressage

1PM Lunch Break 

2PM 4*S, 3*S Dressage Resumes

5:30PM Briefing with 4S/ 3S with Ground Jury and TD (Stables)


Saturday, August 22

8AM Preliminary Show Jumping in inverse order of placing

8AM 2nd Horse Inspection 2S/ 3L 

9:45 AM Preliminary Prizegiving (top three victory gallop immediately after)

10:20AM Start 2*S Show Jumping in inverse order of placing

12:15PM Start 3*S Show Jumping

12:20 PM 2* Prizegiving (top three victory gallop immediately after)

2:30PM Start 3*L Show Jumping in inverse order of placing

3:15PM Start 4*-S Show Jumping

6 PM Paul Goodness Best Shod Horse Award (based CCI3*-S and CCI4*-S)


Sunday, August 23

9AM Start 3*-S Cross Country

12PM Start 4* Cross Country



Great Meadow International

5089 Old Tavern Rd. 

The Plains, VA




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