Live Scoring 

We are pleased to present a new live scoring presentation. The system was recently tested at 2 horse trials with great success. It has several features that have not been used in the US, although is used in Europe. This includes:

  • click on a dressage score and the movements are described and the judges scores are shown. Click the x on top right or the dressage score again and it goes away

  • Click on a XC score and you will see where the disobedience occurred. Click again and it goes away

  • Click on a rider and you will get their FEI bio on a new page

  • Click on a horse and you will get the FEI record of that horse

  • You can sort ANY column such as pinny, elapsed XC time, place after dressage, etc

  • Full cross country results

  • Team results

  • Owners are shown below the horse and country flags are shown with the riders

  • Search for a rider, horse or score (e.g."Dut" will pull up all Phillips horses as well at Justine)


This new scoring presentation was developed by Nick Hinze who created the coursewalk app ( It is not a scoring program but rather takes results from any program and improves on the presentation. In this case, it is using a scoring program developed by Steve Symansky.