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2017 Accepted Entry Status


As of Aug 22

  • THe Foundation waiver is different than the standard waiver, click for the Foundation ewaiver.

  • Prelim horses can only stable in same barn as FEI horses if they have a passport and use the FEI Horse App.

  • If stabling and you plan to arrive before Wednesday at 10AM, you must let us know well in advance what day and what time so that we can schedule the check-in (within reason) with the Vets consistent with the bio-security rules. There will be a minimum charge of a $150 per horse per day for anyone that arrives before Tuesday at 10AM. We will post windows of the allowed arrival times and will update you as soon as we have confirmation. Horses MUST be checked in before entering stabling. Noncompliance could lead to a yellow card. 

Here is a checklist of items that we need to complete your entry: The waivers  for e-signing can be found on the main competitor page.

For additional questions, please review the Rider FAQS tab. 

We could not run without your support and that of your owners and connections, our sponsors and our community.

We look forward to welcoming you in August.  

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